The range of services offered includes:
  • Specialist inputs to development plan submissions
  • Specialist inputs to planning applications and appeals
  • Expert witness on landscape and countryside issues
  • Environmental assessment
  • Landscape character assessment and visual impact studies
  • Landscape capacity studies
  • Conservation studies & historical research
  • Specialist advice on development affecting the setting of listed buildings, ancient monuments and historic landscapes
  • Landscape infrastructure design and implementation
  • Landscape strategies and master planning
  • Restoration design and implementation
  • Detailed design and working drawings for hard and soft landscape
  • Specifications, bills of quantity and contract documentation
  • Contract administration and site supervision
  • Landscape management plans
  • Grounds maintenance consultancy
These services are available across a wide range of projects types including: residential, commercial and industrial developments, agricultural developments and farm diversification, land reclamation and urban renewal, conservation projects, infrastructure developments, mineral and landfill operations, tourism and leisure projects. The practice has access to a range of other specialist consultants whose skills can be tailored to meet the environmental needs of most development projects.

We are experienced at working with other professionals in multi-disciplinary teams at the planning, design and implementation stages of development projects across the UK.